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Mucho Taco is an idle clicker where you make tacos nonstop. Your goal is to make as many tacos as you can by building a taco restaurant empire. And who doesn't love a good taco?

The gameplay in Mucho Taco is typical for the genre, with the subtle difference that instead of tapping the screen to make a taco, you simply slide your finger in any direction. Building new restaurants will cost tacos, but they'll make more tacos in the end.

As your business grows, you can make more tacos with each swipe. At first you'll only have the basic beef taco, making just one taco every time you slide your finger across the screen. As you advance, however, you'll soon have shrimp tacos, too, and can make up to 30 tacos with every touch.

Mucho Taco is a simple casual game that turns out to be pretty fun thanks to its crazy concept. Its graphics are colorful, with a retro aesthetic, and will help keep you hooked for a long time.
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Requires Android 3.1 or higher